Caer Caradoc Knighton

Iron Age Hillfort

Caer Caradoc Hillfort Iron Age Hillfort. Knighton 137(SO:318758) – E of A488, S of Clun, 4km NE of Knighton. This fine, 1ha, oval hillfort, with tremendous views, has deep internal quarry ditches, and double banks/ditches. There are inturned entrances on E and W – the latter, being easily accessible, has guard-chambers and and also an extra bank and ditch outside. There are traces of huts inside the fort. Undated.

tSGtBA, p.177

Caer Caradoc, hill-fort (SO/310758) 2½ miles NE of Knighton (A488, A4113), ½ mile SW of Chapel Lawn. – This fort commands the Redlake R to the N. It is roughly oval in plan and encloses 2¼ acres. On the S side there is a ditch, bank and counterscarp bank. On the N side there are 2 banks and ditches which become triple towards the centre. There are 2 widely spaced banks and ditches at the W end, where flatter ground menaced the defenders of the camp : S of the entrance here an extra bank and ditch was added. This entrance, and that opposite it at the E end of the fort, is in-turned. The gaps in the earthworks at the former are staggered slightly so that a direct approach to the interior is avoided. Several circular depressions indicating hut sites and perhaps grain-storage pits can be seen in the NE part of the camp. Not dated.

GtPE, pp.183/4

Map References for Caer Caradoc Knighton – Nr. Chapel Lawn, Shropshire

NGRef: SO310758 OSMap: LR137/148

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