The Buckton fort was the second permanent Roman military camp to be built in the area, following the fort at Jay Lane, and superseded by the fort at Leintwardine. The camp was discovered from the air by W.A. Baker in 1959 and excavated by S.C. Standford over the subsequent three years, who concluded that this fort was built c.90AD, rebuilt c.120, and finally dismantled c.130.

There is a temporary marching camp at Buckton Park, only 150 metres (c.490 feet) to the north-west, which possibly housed the legionary work force responsible for building the Buckton fort.

References for Buckton

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Map References for Buckton

NGRef: SO3973 OSMap: LR137/148, PF950 (SO 27/37)

OS National Grid Reference: SO3973
Dimensions: c.574 x 451 ft (c.175 x 137 m)
Area: c.6 acres (c.2.36 ha)

Roman Roads near Buckton

None identified

Sites near Buckton Roman Fort