Walford Camp lies on a naturally formed scarp overlooking the confluence of the Walford and Stonybridge Streams just to the south-east of Walford Motte. The north-west and south-west defences of the camp closely follows the edge of the scarp which formed a right-angle and was thus ideally suited to house a Roman encampment. The camp is sub-rectangular with rounded corners, and almost all of its perimeter has been traced, all but the north-west corner-angle which has been obliterated by quarrying. The modern B5430 road bisects the camp along its long axis, masking any details of a gateway in the south-east defences but veering east of the mid-point in the north-west defences, where we are duly rewarded with a gap in the defencive ditch which probably constitutes the northern gateway. Other gateway gaps are noted in the north-east and south-west sides, displaced towards the north-west by a ratio of 1:2, this indicates that the camp was oriented towards the north-west.

Map References for Walford Camp

OS National Grid Reference: SO394722
Dimensions: c.1,280 x 820 ft (c.390 x 250 m)
Area: c.24 acres (c.9.75 ha)

References for Walford Camp

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Roman Roads near Walford Camp

None identified

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