Pyon Wood Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Situated on a sugar-loaf shaped hill. Defences consist of 2 ramparts and medial ditch, with a slight spoil ditch and walkway within inner rampart. They follow the natural contours and encircle the hill at average depth of about 65 feet (c.20m) below its summit. The only definate original entrance is at the NE corner where the inner ramparts were slightly inturned. This entrance is approached by a track-way with covering rampart on its N side. Ramparts are steep and can be seen at close range, as can the ditch. Deep undergrowth obscures much of the site, as it lies in center of a wood, and has several Oak, Ash and Beech saplings covering the interior, along with Bracken and Bramble. Ash trees cover the mound in the centre. Cover is less intensive on N side.

Aymestry – Pyon Wood Camp, hill-fort (SO/424664) 6 miles NW of Leominster, ¾ mile N of Aymestry (A4110), S of track to Ballsgate Common. – The main protection for this camp is the steepness of the hill which it crowns. It is now covered by trees. It is roughly triangular, its earthworks consisting of a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank. There are traces of a quarry-ditch within the inner rampart. An area of 9 acres is enclosed. There is an in-turned entrance facing SE, approached by a hollow way with a bank on the E side. This site looks across the valley E towards Croft Ambrey. Not dated.

GtPE, p.145

Map References for Pyon Wood Camp – Aymestrey, Here & Worc

NGRef: SO423664 OSMap: LR137/148/149

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