Coxall Knoll

Iron Age Hillfort

Iron-Age Hillfort

The border between the counties of Here & Worc and Salop runs directly N-S though the centre of this contour fort. Consists of 3 enclosures within continuous line of encircling defences, varying from 3 ramparts and 2 intermedial ditches to N of W enclosure, to 2 ramparts with medial ditch of E enclosure and smallest N enclosure.

Coxall Knoll, hill-fort (SO/366734) 2½ miles W of Leintwardine (A4113), ½ mile NE of junction of A4113 and B4367. – The W half of the area of 12 acres enclosed by these ramparts is an oval hill-fort to which the 2 E enclosures must be regarded as additions. It is defended on the N by 3 banks and diches, on the E by 2 and on the S by 1; on this side the steep hill renders elaborate fortification unnecessary. There is an entrance at the W end, where the innermost bank is inturned and the outermost bank on the N side runs outwards for 300 yards. There is an additional outwork on the S side here. There is also a probable entrance on the E side. The first additional enclosure on the E side was originally protected by a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank, but the latter has now almost disappeared. Within the main bank here there is a wide, deep quarry ditch from which extra material was provided for the bank. There is an entrance to this enclosure at its S junction with the original fort to the W : the W side of the rampart here is in-turned. A break in the N side of this allows access to the second enclosure. The second enclosure is smaller, and likewise protected by a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank. The latter is damaged, but can be seen at the N end and at the E junction with the enclosure to the S. One original entrance to the second enclosure is a simple break in its ramparts facing N : there may be a second entrance where its defences join those of the S enclosure, at the W end. Not dated.

GtPE, p.146

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NGRef: SO366734 OSMap: LR137/148

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