Brampton Bryan Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This sub-rectangular, legionary-sized camp lies roughly half way between the Worcestershire villages of Brampton Bryan and Walford astride the A4113 road, which bisects the camp from east to west, with the River Teme to the north and the Walford Stream to the south. About 70% of the camp’s perimeter can be traced on aerial photographs. The east side survives the best, and can be traced from the surviving north-east corner-angle southwards across the A4113, which enters the camp through a gateway placed centrally in the defences, continuing in the field south of the road to the parish boundary whereafter the last 20% of its length including the south-eastern corner-angle cannot be traced in marshy land to the north of the Walford Stream. The south side survives in three long sections separated by short gaps, the westernmost of which occurs at a field boundary and cannot be confirmed as a camp entrance, but the gap to the east is fronted by an outlying section of ditch typical of a Roman gateway defence outwork known as a titulum; this gateway is also positioned in a 2:3 ratio along this side in a typical Roman tertiata pattern, suggesting that the camp faced towards the ESE. Most of the west side can be traced, and has a centrally placed gap which is very likely a gateway, but no trace of an outlying titulum can be observed. The northern defences can only be seen in two short lengths in its western sector, though much of its length to the east coincides with a naturally occurring scarp above the flood-plain of the Teme. Both the north-west and south-west angles of the camp are lost, but the positions of both may be accurately calculated from the surviving portions of their adjacent sides.

References for Brampton Bryan Camp

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Map References for Brampton Bryan Camp

OS National Grid Reference: SO379723
Dimensions: c.1,800 x c.1,480 ft (c.550 x c.450 m)
Area: c.57 acres (c.23 ha)

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None identified

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