Boatside Farm Temporary Camp - Clyro

Marching or Temporary Camps

Boatside Farm Temporary Camp – Clyro occupies the summit of a hill overlooking a loop of the River Wye opposite Hay-on-Wye in Powys. The SE corner-angle and attached 800 ft (244m) lengths of the S and E sides were identified on aerial photographs taken in 1966. There is enough flat space on the top of the hill for a camp measuring about 900ft E-W by about 1,200ft N-S. The Clyro fortress lies on the NE slopes of this same hill.

Map References for Clyro

OS National Grid Reference: SO225430
Dimensions: 1,200 x 900 ft (366 x 274 m)
Area: c.24¾ acres (c.10 ha)

References for Clyro

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Roman Roads near Clyro

NE (2.5) to Clifford (Worcestershire) SW (17) to Y Gaer (Brecon Gaer, Powys)