Blainslie Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NT552442
Dimensions: c.1,700 x 1,200 ft (c.518 x 366 m)
Area: c.46¾ acres (c.18.8 ha)
Description: Reported by Prof. St. Joseph in 1965, enough of this camp remains for a reasonable estimate of its original dimensions to be made. There is a centrally-placed gateway in the south side, but the position of the north side is unknown.

South Blainslie Camp 2

OS National Grid Reference: NT545427
Dimensions: ? ft. (? m)
Area: c.1¼ acres (c.0.5 ha)
Description: This possible Roman enclosure was photographed from the air in 1986. It measures no larger than 1¼ acres.

References for Blainslie Camp

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Map References for Blainslie Camp

NGRef: NT5544 OSMap: LR73

Roman Roads near Blainslie Camp

SSE (2) to Kedslie

Sites near Blainslie Camp