This small, square camp lies only 200 feet (60m) north of the main Roman road between York and Carlisle, with its southern defences parallel to the road. There are no signs of any gates. The earthworks of a small, square signal station lie almost mid-way between the camps south defences and the road, and the position and alignment of these fortifications imply that they may have been contemporary.

References for Bowes Moor Camp

  • Roman Camps in England – The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

Map References for Bowes Moor Camp

NGRef: NY9212 OSMap: LR91/92

OS National Grid Reference: NY929125
Dimensions: 184 ft² (56 m²)
Area: ¾ acre (0.3 ha)

Roman Roads near Bowes Moor Camp

None identified

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