Greta Bridge Vicus


The site of Greta Bridge vicus; excavations and geophysical survey have uncovered the sites of the vicus attached to the Roman fort at Greta Bridge. Two areas were uncovered; one to the north of the fort on the same side of the River Greta, the other appears to have been a ribbon development following the original Roman road on the other side of the river. A timber courtyard building was excavated at the trans-river site, it was originally thought to be a mansio, but its apparent low status would argue against such an interpretation. After this building burnt down in the late 3rd century AD it was succeeded by stone-built barrack like buildings with porticos, possibly indicating commercial activities. The vicus appears to have been extant from circa AD 150 to the early 4th century AD, the fort’s garrison may have been greatly reduced for the campaigns of Constantine.

Sites near Greta Bridge Vicus