Carkin Moor Fort


This suspected Roman encampment lies on a high platform astride the main Roman road across Stainmoor in North Yorkshire (now the A66T), about 3¾ miles (c.6 km) from the Scotch Corner junction. The square enclosure with rounded angles measures about 350 ft. by 310 ft. (c.107 x 94 m), thus covering an area of around 2½ acres (c.1 ha). The northern corner-angle and lengths of the adjacent sides are still visible on the ground as raised earthworks. The identification of this site as Roman remains uncertain. (JRS 1951 p.53)

References for Carkin Moor

  • Air Reconnaissance of North Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xli (1951) pp.52-65;

Map References for Carkin Moor

NGRef: NZ1906 OSMap: LR?

OS National Grid Reference: NZ1620008270
Dimensions: c.350 x 310 ft (c.107 x 94 m)
Area: c.2½ acres (c.1 ha)

Roman Roads near Carkin Moor

NW (8) to Greta Bridge (Durham) SE (6) to Cataractonivm