Burnswark Training Camp 2

Marching or Temporary Camp and Practice Work

Burnswark Training Camp 2 is the northly of the two training camps arounds Burnswark  Hillfort.

The camp on the north side of the hill is an unusual shape and gives the impression of two separate camps that have been joined. Collingwood felt that the camp had never been completed and that the layout reflected errors by the Roman army constructing the site. Certainly, an area of boggy ground on the north-west side has resulted in a gap, which may never have been fully built (contra Crawford 1939: 286), but alternative means of protection were probably employed. The camp measures about 296m from ENE to WSW by up to 112m in width and enclosed around 2.6ha (6.5 acres). Entrance gaps protected by tituli are visible on four sides, with an apparent reverse external clavicula also visible on the south-east side. The wide gap at the south-west entrance is probably the result of erosion by a nearby burn.

Sites near Burnswark Training Camp 2