Capler Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Capler Camp, hill-fort (SO/593329) 7 miles SE of Hereford, 1¼ miles SE of Frownhope (B4224). – Capler is triangular in plan, its earthworks elnclosing the long, narrow top of a hill commanding the River Wye. An area of about 10 acres is thus fortified. The defences consist of 2 banks and ditches on the S, with a scarped hillside facing N. Here the crest of the hill is likely to have been protected in addition by a stockade or a slight bank. The entrance is at the E end, where the S rampart ends in a large mound and the rampart N of it continues E to make a well-protected approach. Not dated.

GtPE, pp.145/6

NGRef: SO592329
OSMap: LR149

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