Dymock (Macatonium) Roman Settlement

Minor Settlement

Macatonium was the Romano-British settlement at Dymock which probably developed in ribbon fashion along the Roman road, which may have joined the road from the north at a junction so far undiscovered. Numerous finds of Roman material and coins have been made over many years, including the discovery circa 1900 of a skeleton with a denarius of Carausius lying near the skull. In 1951 a rubbish pit containing 2 – 4th century pottery and a 3rd century glass jug (identified by the Ashmolean museum), slag, iron and oyster shells were unearthed during sewerage work on Longbridge Farm.

Roman Roads near Macatonium

Possible road: SW (6) to Ariconivm NNW (8) to Stretton Grandison SE (12) to Glevvm (Gloucester, Gloucestershire)

Sites near Dymock (Macatonium) Roman Settlement