SO779493 – At Grit Farm a ditch filled with Roman “wasters”, burnt clay and charcoal was discovered during tree-felling in 1969.

SO777494 – 400m WNW of Grit Farm a waster heap discovered in a water-main trench yielded vessels of a type previously unknown to have been produced here.

SO789497 – At Great Buckmans Farm pits and ditches containing similar material but different forms were found, all dated to the second century.

SO7551 – There is a Roman tile kiln at Upper Sandlin a couple of miles to the north of the Malvern Hills.

References for Howsell

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Map References for Howsell

OSMap: LR150

Roman Roads near Howsell

Possible Road: NE (5.5) to Worcester Possible Road: SW (10.5) to Stretton Grandison

Sites near Howsell