Castell Prin

Iron Age Hillfort

Castell Prin Camp is located in the Parish of Penhow, at an elevation of 160m above sea level. The site is situated in a wooded area on a small hilltop to the south of Wentwood. It occupies the western end of the hill, where the ground slopes steeply to the north, west, and south. The site is oblong in shape with a relatively flat interior.

The western half of the north side of the site has no man-made defences and is only protected by a steep natural slope. Towards the eastern end, a bank and ditch suddenly appear. The ditch is 1.2m deep, while the bank has an external height of 2.5 to 3m and an internal height of 0.8m. These defences continue along the eastern side, where the slopes are very steep. The ditch abruptly ends at the south-eastern corner, while the bank continues along the south side with an internal height of 0 to 0.5m and an external height of 2.5m. Outside of this bank, there is a berm that is 5m wide and in some areas, it becomes a shallow ditch and bank with a height of 0.5m. Below this, there is a steep scarp that is 2.5m high, and the ground levels out below it. In the middle of this side, there is an in-turned entrance that measures 2.5m wide and 0.7m to 1m deep, with a wide berm between them. The outer scarp becomes a low bank towards the south, with a steep scarp that resembles the one on the south side. At the bottom of the slope, there is a farm track. In the middle of this side, there is a short stretch of an outer ditch and bank, with the ditch measuring 3m wide and 1.2m deep, and the outside bank measuring 1.2m high on both sides.

The site is saucer-shaped and is surrounded by a 4m deep ditch and a slight outer bank. There is also evidence of a further outer bank on the western side. Currently, the entire area is being used to cultivate saplings.

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