Wilcrick Hill Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Wilcrick Hill Camp hillfort, believed to originate from the Iron Age period (circa 800 BC – AD 74, during the Roman conquest of Wales). The hillfort is located on a small hill covered entirely by woodland, with dense and impenetrable areas in some places. The fortifications consist of scarps and terraces along the steep sides of the hill.

On the southern side, four discernible scarps are present, although in some areas, they are not significantly steeper than the natural slope. When visible, these scarps are approximately 3m in height. On the eastern side, the hill slopes less steeply, and the scarps are fragmented. Towards the northern end of this side, an old hollow way slopes up the hill in a northeast-southwest direction. This hollow way is roughly 3.5m wide and 0.8m deep, but it is currently overgrown. The northern side of the hill is steep, and a visible scarp is present about halfway up, measuring 3-4m in height. This continues around to the western side, which exhibits similar characteristics.

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