Caerwent (Venta Silurum) Amphitheatre


The remains of what was possibly an amphitheatre were excavated between 1901 & 1903 within the walls of the Roman city of Caerwent. A roughly oval stone-walled enclosure was discovered, which was presumably the arena, some 44m east to west and 35m  north to south. Fragments of other walls were also found that would have supported or defined the seating banks. This structure is set on north-facing slopes and overlies earlier streets and buildings.

As the amphitheatre’s position within the city walls is unusual it is though to have been built to host a particular festival or celebration. Possibilities include theatrics and ritual, gladiatorial combat, wild beast shows and the execution of criminals.

Alternative explanations are that the enclosure could have been a livestock market.

Plan of Caerwent (Venta Silurum) Amphitheatre

Caerwent (Venta Silurum) Amphitheatre
Sites near Caerwent (Venta Silurum) Amphitheatre