OS National Grid Reference: NS691414
Dimensions: ? ft (? m)
Area: c.13 acres? (c.5.3 ha?)
Description: Discovered from the air in 1989 just south of the Roman road through Avondale, only the south-east angle and short lengths of the two attached sides are known, although there is sufficient flat ground here for an encampment of around 13 acres.

References for Cauldcoats Camp

Britannia xxi (1990) p.312.Britannia xxi (1990) p.312. Britannia xxi (1990) p.312.Britannia xxi (1990) p.312.

Map References for Cauldcoats Camp

NGRef: NS6941 OSMap: LR71

Roman Roads near Cauldcoats Camp

E (15) to Castledykes WSW (6) to Lovdovn Hill (Strathclyde)

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