Brown Clee Hill is the highest hill in the rural English county of Shropshire, at 540 metres (1,770 ft) above sea level.  The highest peak of the hill is Abdon Burf, at 540 metres high with Clee Burf at 510m.

There were several Iron Age hill forts and various older barrows dotted around the Clee Hills. Unfortunately hillforts on Abdon Burf and Clee Burf have been largely lost to quarrying activity. The SE quadrant is all that remains of the univallate hillfort on the Clee Burf. The stone rampart is reduced to a scarp between SO5934 8425 and SO5940 8431 and elsewhere has either been quarried away or dumped upon.

Map References for Clee Burf – Shropshire

NGRef: SO 5933 8434


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