Nordy Bank, hill-fort (SO/576847) 7½ miles NE of Ludlow (A49, A4117), ¾ mile E of Clee St Margaret (N of B4364).

There were several Iron Age hill forts and various older barrows dotted around the Clee Hills.  Nordy Bank is the last ‘intact’ survivor of three hill forts on Brown Clee. The other two, at Abdon Burf and Clee Burf, have been largely lost to quarrying activity. Nordy Bank occupies a sloping ridge top site and its ramparts are up to three metres high. It was built some time in the British Iron Age first millennium BC and gives a commanding view of the local countryside.

 The camp is D-shaped and encloses 7 acres. Its defences comprise a single bank and ditch, and there are traces of an outer defence c. 100 yds. N and NW. In most places the rampart is at least 6 ft. above the level of the groound within. There are several entrance gaps. That to the SW is in-turned and must be original. Of the other gaps in the defences, that at the NE may also be prehistoric. Not dated.

GtPE, p.184

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NGRef: SO575847 OSMap: LR137/138

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