Cricklade Roman Settlement

Minor Settlement

Cricklade is a Romano British villa situated on low lying clay land at Kingshill Farm. The building is known from partial excavation. A trench revealed two large walls, 0.7m thick built from rectangular Corralian limestone set in pink mortar. One, traced for a length of 13m is orientated east-west and is joined 3m from its eastern end by another 5m long and orientated north-south. In the western angle, less substantial walls form a series of rooms with a mortar floor. Immediately to the east of the north-south wall a series of channels branch from a gap in the east-west wall which is interpreted as a stoke hole, part of a channelled hypercaust heating system. The channels are about 0.3m wide and lined with horizontal slabs of coral rag. Large quantities of Roman domestic ware and some imitation Samian ware has been found adjacent to the site

RIB 100 - Fragmentary funerary inscription

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O [..]

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References for Cricklade

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NGRef: SU1093 OSMap: LR163/173 SU 09998 93000

Roman Roads near Cricklade

NW (7) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) SE (8) to Dvrocornovivm (Wanborough, Wiltshire)

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