Farley Heath Temple

Pottery and Temple Or Shrine

A square temple within a temenos in flat country near Albury. The outer portico enclosed a 46½ feet square area within a wall about 2 feet thick, the inner cella wall, around 2¾ feet thick, enclosed an area 24 feet square. Columns were found amongst the ruins. The temple probably faced east. The temple’s temenos enclosure was restricted during its later history, and the temple itself destroyed by fire in the early 5th century. (Type Ia)

This rural temple at Farley Heath may mark the border between two British iron-age tribes, the Regnenses of Sussex and East Surrey, and the Atrebates of Berkshire and Hampshire.

As well as the pottery-kiln near the temple there is also a tile-kiln a couple of miles along the road south-east at Wykehurst (TQ0840) near the villa at Ewhurst (TQ0841).

References for Farley Heath

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Roman Roads near Farley Heath

SE (7) to Alfoldean NW (3) to Gvildford (Surrey)

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