Garnhall Temporary Camp 1

Marching or Temporary Camp

Garnhall Camp 1 was discovered in the fields of Garnhall Farm on A.P.’s taken by J.K. St. Joseph in 1952. These photographs revealed about 750 ft. of the SE and some 200 ft of the NE sides of a rectangular enclosure. The north side and the north-west angle were located on A.P.’s by 1965, which enabled a reasonable estimate of its dimensions to be made for the first time. A length of the S ditch, 270 ft. (82 m) long, was excavated in 1993. It was up to 5½ ft. wide and 2½ ft. deep (1.7 by 0.78 m), and had been allowed to silt-up naturally.

References for Garnhall Camps

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Map References for Garnhall Camps

NGRef: NS7877 OSMap: LR64

OS National Grid Reference: NS786780
Dimensions: 850 x 570 ft (262 x 174 m)
Area: c.11¼ acres (4.5 ha)

Roman Roads near Garnhall Camps

None identified

Sites near Garnhall Temporary Camp 1