Milnquarter Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

The rounded east angle and attached 230 ft. lengths of both the north-east and south-east sides of this camp were observed on aerial photographs taken in the early-1950’s, and the remaining ditches traced in adjacent fields by probing. The area thus defined measures 540 ft. NW-SE, by 440 ft. NE-SW. The embankment of the Bonnybridge Branch Railway line cuts the camp’s defences in half.

This camp lies about ¼-mile to the south of the Antonine Wall, just east of the Antonine fortlet at Seabegs (NS8179). There is another marching camp nearby at Dalnair (NS8179).

References for Milnquarter Camp

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  • Britannia xxvii (1996) p.400.

Map References for Milnquarter Camp

NGRef: NS8279 OSMap: LR65

OS National Grid Reference: NS826793
Dimensions: 540 x 440 ft (165 x 134 m)
Area: c.5½ acres (c.2.2 ha)

Roman Roads near Milnquarter Camp

None identified

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