Gosbecks Farm Temple

Temple Or Shrine

This square temple lies in a temenos on a plateau, about 3 miles south of Colchester. The temple portico was about 44 feet square, the central shrine or cella about 23½ feet square. Built during the mid-2nd century and unused by the 4th, its original orientation remains unknown, likewise the god it was built to serve, although its plan is typical of a so-called Romano-British temple, where the deity was usually a conflation of a local British god with his/her classical counterpart.

References for Gosbecks Farm Temple

  • Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).

Map References for Gosbecks Farm Temple

NGRef: TL9622 OSMap: LR168

Roman Roads near Gosbecks Farm Temple

None identified