Fingringhoe Wick, Roman Supply Base

Supply Depot

Fingringhoe Wick, is traditionally the site of a Roman town called locally “Bacon Town” (Beacon Town); and consists of a flat bluff where Roman remains have been found over several acres.

A Roman site consisting of a ditched enclosure, two acres in extent, and located near North Geedon Creek has been interpreted as a military supply base. The site contains rubbish pits laid out in rows and containing Claudian-Neronian material which supports the military hypothesis. The coin evidence ends c.AD 120. Three Roman buildings were also uncovered; the first was of masonry with an apse, hypocaust and floor tiles were recovered; the second was of a least two phases, parts of several rectangular rooms were excavated, the earlier phase’s remains consisted of a tesselated floor and a wall with painted wall plaster; the third building had a hypocaust but was of poor quality and was built of reused material, apparently from an earlier more opulent building. These buildings may have been part of one villa complex.

Painter, K. (1964) thought that there was “the likelihood of a Claudian supplybase at Fingringhoe Wick“.

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