Greetland Shrine

Temple Or Shrine

In 1597 an inscribed altarstone was discovered at Bank Top, Greetland, about 2 miles south of Halifax and 2 miles north of the Roman fort and minor settlement at Slack in West Yorkshire. It is possible that this altar represents the remains of a rural shrine. The stone now resides in Trinity College, Cambridge.

RIB 627 - Altar dedicated to Victoria Brigantia and the Divinities of the Emperors

To the goddess Victoria Brigantia and to the Divinities of the two Emperors, Titus Aurelius Aurelianus gave and dedicated (this altar) for himself and his family, while he himself was master of sacred rites, in the third consulship of Antoninus and the [second] of Geta.

Huebner and Dessau dated this to the second consulship of Antoninus, A.D. 205; see Richmond, Lancs Ches. Hist. Soc. Trans. 105 (1953) 23 n. 19).

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