Staincross Common

Temple Or Shrine

In 1782 a Roman altarstone was discovered on Staincross Common, 2 miles north of Barnsley on the north bank of the River Dearne. The stone, now lost, may represent the remains of a rural shrine. The nearest known Roman sites are the forts at Burghwallis and Castleford, which lie about 10 miles to east-north-east and to north-north-east respectively, also the fort and settlement at Templeborough which lies a similar distance to the south-south-east.

RIB 622 - Altar dedicated to Mars

To the god Mars for the welfare of our Lords, the August Emperors, ..

DEO MAR[...]
IMP AVG [...]

No commentary.

References for Staincross Common

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NGRef: SE3209 OSMap: LR111

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