Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 1 - Stott's Pow

Hadrian's Wall Milecastle

Milecastle 1 (Stott’s Pow) was a – Milecastle of the Roman Hadrian’s Wall. It was located near the (now disappeared) valley of Stott’s Pow. Its remains are covered over, and are located beneath the recreation ground at Miller’s Dene. Early excavations and investigations of Turret 0B were mistakenly interpreted as – Milecastle 1. The – Milecastle sits within the parish of Wallsend.

Milecastle 1 was a short-axis – Milecastle of unknown gateway type. Short-axis – Milecastles were thought to have been constructed by the legio II Augusta who were based in Isca Augusta (Caerleon).

Sites near Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 1 - Stott's Pow