Temple of Antenociticus

Roman Temple Or Shrine

This apsidal temple, probably dedicated to a local god, is situated about 100 yards outside the south-eastern defences of the Condercum fort, and is perfectly aligned north-south. This small, rectangular building measures some 15 feet east-west by 20 feet north-south, with an apse extending a further six feet to the south, wherein was placed a life-sized statue of the god. Probably built in the second century, the original northern doorway was blocked sometime in the third and replaced by a door inserted into the east wall.

Altar of Longus - RIB1329 Altar of Vibius - RIB1327 Pedestal for Statue of God - RIB1328 Blocked Earlier Doorway Later Eastern Doorway

RIB1332 - Altar dedicated to Mars

To the god Mars Lenuanus fulfilled his vow.
No commentary.

RIB1335 - Altar dedicated to Vetris

To the holy god Vetris.
No commentary.

RIB1331 - Altar dedicated to the three Witches

To the three Witches.
No commentary.

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Roman Roads near Condercvm

Wall: E (2) to Pons Aelivs (Newcastle, Tyne & Wear) Wall: W (7) to Vindobala (Rudchester, Northumberland)