Benwell (Condercum) Vicus


The external settlement at Condercum lay partly to the north and partly to the south of the Vallum, and in the later second century covered it, the ditch being deliberately filled and obliterated.

The structural evidence suggests a vicus gathered around the road south from the fort, concentrating on the site of the causeway across the Vallum and extending a short distance on each side over the course of the filled ditch and south along the road. There is evidence that this area contained temples and a cemetery. The vicus probably originated in timber under Severus, and was rebuilt in stone within the first half of the century. There is little evidence to suggest an earlier settlement on the site although there may have possibly been one further down the hill. The later history of the vicus is marked by another major fire (A.D. 296?), a second rebuild in stone and the reappearance of a gateway. The end is unknown.

Sites near Benwell (Condercum) Vicus