Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 72 - Braelees

Hadrian's Wall Milecastle

Milecastle 72 (Fauld Farm) was one of a series of – Milecastles or small fortlets built at intervals of approximately one Roman mile along Hadrian’s Wall.

The mile fort was located in the village of Burgh-by-Sands, directly on the access road to Fauld Farm. It was about 400 meters west of the Aballava ramparts. There are no visible remains. The first reports of the fortification come from John Horsley. It was located and partially excavated by S. H. Bartle in 1960. Further excavations were carried out between 1977 and 1989. The walls in the north, west and east and the north gate were examined in particular. The stone fort overlaid structures originally made of turf and wood. The previous building was probably replaced by the stone fort in the second half of the 2nd century. During this time the peat wall was also replaced by the stone wall. It was a long-axis type and was 24.3 meters long and 19 meters wide. The walls were 2.2 meters wide. The south side could not be excavated. Its design was very similar to the MK 79. Most of the ceramic fragments found there date from the 2nd century, the rest could not be assigned.

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