Hadrian's Wall - Turret 48b (Willowford West)

Hadrian's Wall Turret

Turret 48b (Willowford West) is situated on the south bank of the River Irthing immediately east of Willowford Farm. Turret 48b has suffered in centuries past from its proximity to Willowford farm. It stands up to nine courses high and has lost its south wall. Built into the wall of the barn next to turret 48b is a building stone inscribed with the name of the centurion Gellius Philippus.

Both turrets 48a and 48b were recessed farther into the width of the Wall than is the case with other turrets, which meant their front walls were comparatively thin. If they were built in the very earliest stage in the construction of the Wall, this might represent an original feature in the design of turrets which was altered as work proceeded elsewhere.

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