Hangingshaw Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp was first reported by Prof. St. Joseph in 1969. It is known from its north-east angle and attached lengths of the two adjacent sides.

References for Hangingshaw Camp

Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1965-1968 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lix (1969) p.108.

Map References for Hangingshaw Camp

NGRef: NY0989 OSMap: LR78

OS National Grid Reference: NY097897
Dimensions: 450+ x 400+ ft (137+ x 122+ m)
Area: >4¼ acres (>1.7 ha)

Roman Roads near Hangingshaw Camp

S (1) to Applegarth N (8) to Tassiesholm (Dumfies & Galloway) S (5) to Ladyward (Dumfries & Galloway)

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