The Amisfield Marching Camp is a large camp was discovered from the air by RCAHMS in 1984. Almost its entire perimeter is recorded and the rest may be conjectured. It was aligned north-south, not on the suspected Roman road through the area which ran east-west, and may on that basis be assigned to the early Flavian period.

The camp at Amisfield Tower encloses the summit of a low hill close to the presumed line of the Roman road from Annandale to Nithsdale. It measures some 385m by 316m enclosing around 12.2 ha (30.1 acres). Most of the site has been recorded in pasture and no gates are currently known.

References for Amisfield Camp

NGRef: NX996839 OSMap: LR78

OS National Grid Reference: NX996839
Dimensions: c.1,250 x 985 ft (c.380 x 300 m)
Area: c.28¼ acres (c.11.4 ha)

Roman Roads near Amisfield Camp

Road from Annandale to Nithsdale

Sites near Amisfield Camp