Fourmerkland Camps

Marching or Temporary Camp

The Fourmerkland Marching Camps

Fourmerkland Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NX9180
Dimensions: c.800 x 800 ft (c.245 x 245 m)
Area: c.14¾ acres (c.5.94 ha)
Description: This square camp was discovered on A.P.’s in 1949, lying beside the Cluden Water. Each side has a centrally-placed gateway protected by a tutulus outwork.

Fourmerkland Camp 2

OS National Grid Reference: NX9180
Dimensions: c.200 x ? ft (? m)
Area: ? acres (? ha)
Description: Lying some 900 feet (275 m) NW of Camp #1, this much-smaller camp is only partially known. Its E-W dimension is about 200 ft.

References for Fourmerkland Camps

  • Air Reconnaissance of North Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xli (1951) p.60.

Map References for Fourmerkland Camps

NGRef: NX9180 OSMap: LR78

Roman Roads near Fourmerkland Camps

None identified

Sites near Fourmerkland Camps