Dalswinton Camp 2, Bankfoot

Marching or Temporary Camp

Dalswinton Camp 2, Bankfoot was first reported in 1951 when 550 ft. of the west and 350 ft. of its north sides were recorded. The north defences includes an external clavicular gateway with straight ditch of Stracathro-type. Its north corner overlies the south-eastern defences of Camp #1. Aerial photographs in 1984 disclosed another Stracathro-type entrance on the western side which enabled a rough estimate of the camp’s dimensions to be made.

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Map References for Dalswinton Camp 2 (Bankfoot)

NGRef: NX934841 OSMap: LR78

OS National Grid Reference: NX936839
Dimensions: c.625 x 350+ ft (c.190 x 107+ m)
Area: c.7½ acres (c.3 ha)

Roman Roads near Dalswinton Camp 2 (Bankfoot)

None identified

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