Gallaberry Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

The outline of this Gallaberry Camp delineates a regular parallelogram, the NW and SE sides measuring about 360 ft. the SW and NE sides each 210 ft. The north and south angles each subtend about 75°, the east and west angles around 105°. The only recorded gateway lies in the SW side, displaced somewhat towards the south.

References for Gallaberry Camp

  • The Roman Occupation of South-Western Scotland by the Glasgow Archaeological Society (1952) pp.120-122, figs.11/12 & plate.xli. 

Map References for Gallaberry Camp

NGRef: NX9682 OSMap: LR78

OS National Grid Reference: NX9682
Dimensions: 360 x 200 ft (110 x 61 m)
Area: c.1¾ acres (c.0.67 ha)

Roman Roads near Gallaberry Camp

None identified

Sites near Gallaberry Marching Camp