Barburgh Mill Roman Fortlet


The Barburgh Mill Roman Fortlet is located just to the east of Barburgh Mill between the A76 and the (now dismantled) railway line, this almost square fortlet measured 97 x 93½ feet (c.29.5 x 28.5m) and covered an area of just over 1,000 square yards or about 33¼ roods (c.840m²). Excavations within the defences have uncovered two barrack-blocks, one measuring about 80 x 24½ feet (c.24.5 x 7.4) with a centurions block 30 feet (9.2m) square, the other barrack being approximately 75 x 24½ feet (c.23 x 7.4m). The ditch is V-shaped, about 12 ft. wide and between 4½-6 ft. deep (3.7 x 1.4-1.8 m), the rampart was set on a base of cobbles about 20 ft. (6m) wide. There is a single gateway, about 17 ft. (5.2m) wide, set in the middle of the defences on the NE side.

This fortlet is similar in form and size to those at Milton and Durisdeer.

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OS National Grid Reference: NX9088
Dimensions: 97 x 93½ ft (c.29.5 x 28.5 m)
Area: c.1,000 square yards (c.840 metre²)

References for Barburgh Mill

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Roman Roads near Barburgh Mill

NNW (8) to Drvmlanrig (Dumfriesshire) SE (3) to Dalswinton (Dumfries & Galloway)

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