The Durisdeer Fortlet

This small rectangular fortlet measures only 105 x 60 feet (c.32 x 18.3 m) and covers an area of 700 square yards (c.585m²). The interior of the fortlet possibly housed two centuriae or barrack-blocks, each about 80 feet (c.24m) long.

The Temporary Marching Camps

There are two superimposed marching camps situated a little to the south-west of the fortlet, about a third of a mile S of Durisdeer church, a legion-sized camp of about 50 or so acres and another, smaller camp of about 15¼ acres, both of which have been dated to the Flavian period. Metal-detecting conducted in 1993 brought to light surface finds consisting of an enamelled stud and a disc brooch, the first to be reported from the area.

Roman Roads near Durisdeer

NNE (11) to Crawford (Strathclyde) SSW (4) to Drvmlanrig (Dumfriesshire)

Sites near Durisdeer Roman Fort