Stracathro Temporary camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

At Stracathro (NO 614655), Angus, a temporary camp approximately 800 ft. square was identified in 1955. There are four gates, each with distinctive external features (clavicula and straight ditch), similar in plan to those at Dalginross, which this camp closely resembles. It evidently marks the halting-place of a force of legionary strength.” (St. Joseph, 1955)

This large temporary marching camp lies just to the west of the fort at Stracathro (NO6165). It is thought to be attributable to the campaigns of Agricola sometime during 82/83AD. Its distinctive protruding gateways have been recognised as the definitive examples for this type of camp, it being the first to be recognised. There are other “Stracathro”-type camps at Dalswinton, Castledykes, Menteith, Dalginross, Ythan Wells, Auchinhove and Inverquharity.

References for Stracathro Camp

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Map References for Stracathro Camp

NGRef: NO618658 OSMap: LR45

OS National Grid Reference: NO614655
Dimensions: c.1,400 x 1,200 ft (c.427 x 366 m)
Area: c.38½ acres (c.15.6 ha)

Roman Roads near Stracathro Camp

None identified

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