Ythan Wells Temporary Camp 1

Marching or Temporary Camp

This large rhomboid camp was discovered in 1785 or 1786 by Shand. The north and south angles are obtuse, the east and west both acute; none of them are equal. The sides, given clockwise starting at north measure 1,711, 2,529, 1,934 & 2,790 feet. There are two gates in the long north-west side and another in the shorter south-west side, any gates in the other two sides are undiscernable. This “120-acre” camp has a ditch of typical Roman military profile 11¼ feet wide and 4 feet deep, cut into the gravel which overlies the mudstone geology of this area. There are similarly sized camps at Raedykes, Normandykes, Kintore and Muiryfold.

Map References for Ythan Wells Temporary Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NJ655383
Dimensions: c.2,660 x c.1,822 ft (c.810 x c.555 m)
Area: c.111 acres (c.44.9 ha)

References for Ythan Wells & Glenmailen Camps

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Roman Roads near Ythan Wells & Glenmailen Camps

None identified

Sites near Ythan Wells Temporary Camp 1