Normandyke Marching Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

The Normandykes camp overlooks an ancient fording across the Dee, immediately N of Tilbouries in Grampian. This rectangular camp measures 938 yards E-W by 543 yards N-S and covers an area of 106½ acres minimum, possibly up to 2 acres more.

This site was paid a flying visit on my Study Tour in April 2004. The continuing rain and the prospect of tramping around in damp and no-doubt slippery conditions upon the surviving northern rampart of this camp made it very unappealing, and I instead settled for a long-distance view of the site from the B9077 on the opposite side of the River Dee.

There are similarly sized camps at Raedykes, Kintore, Ythan Wells and Muiryfold.

References for Normandykes Camp

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Map References for Normandykes Camp

NGRef: NO8299 OSMap: LR38/45

OS National Grid Reference: NO8299
Dimensions: 2,814 x 1,629 ft (858 x 497 m)
Area: >106½ acres (>c.43.5 ha)

Roman Roads near Normandykes Camp

None identified

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