Kintore Temporary Camp 2

Marching or Temporary Camp

Kintore Temporary Camp 2 was  discovered from the air in 1976 and investigated on the ground the same year, lies only ¾-mile north of the larger Camp #1. The ditch is V-shaped, 4 ft. wide and a maximum of 2½ ft. deep (1.2 x 0.76 m). The lie of the ground in the locality limits the area available for occupation to around 30 acres.

Map References for Kintore Camps

OS National Grid Reference: NJ784175
Dimensions: 1,000+ x 1,300? ft (c.300 x 400? m)
Area: c.30 acres? (c.12 ha?)

References for Kintore Camps

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Roman Roads near Kintore Camps

None identified

Sites near Kintore Temporary Camp 2