Ythan Wells Temporary Camp 2 (Glenmailen)

Marching or Temporary Camp

The entire W side, a long stretch of the N and several hundred feet of the S side have been recorded, and from these the outline of the entire camp maybe extrapolated, which enclosed an area of around 26 acres. Discovered in the summer of 1968 and excavated in September the same year, the ditches of this camp were only 4ft wide and 2ft deep, and were not back-filled when the second (larger) camp was built, because a period of time had elapsed sufficient for the original defences to have become almost entirely silted-up, making the task of filling them in unneccessary. This “33-acre” camp may be dated by its Stracathro-type gateways to the campaigns of Agricola . There is a similarly sized camp about 14½ miles (23.7km) to the north-west at Auchinhove.

Map Refereneces for Ythan Wells Temporary Camp 2 (Glenmailen)

OS National Grid Reference: NJ661385
Dimensions: 1,450 x 1,050 ft (442 x 320 m)
Area: c.35 acres (c.14.1 ha)

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Roman Roads near Ythan Wells & Glenmailen Camps

None identified

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