Huntingtower Watch-tower


The circular defences of this watch-tower was discovered from the air in 1985 as a penannular crop-mark north-west of Huntingtower Farm, with the entrance gap on the NNW facing the Roman road from Strageath to Bertha. Resistivity surveys and excavations in 1997/8 revealed a square timber structure of at least two building phases, defended by a turf rampart fronted by a V-shaped ditch 6¼ ft. wide by about 2¼ ft. deep (1.9 x 0.71 m), the whole structure covering an area around 55 ft. (c.16.8 m) in diameter or just under ½-acre (0.2 ha).

References for Huntingtower

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Map References for Huntingtower

NGRef: NO0724 OSMap: LR52/53/58

Roman Roads near Huntingtower

None identified