Inchtuthil Temporary Camp III

Marching or Temporary Camp

Camps II and III are the so-called ‘labour camps’ situated immediately west of the Roman fortress. Camp II occupies the space between camp I and the fortress, and camp III is a reduction of camp II , represented by an additional ditch on its south-west side. Camp II is almost a parallelogram in form, measuring 480m from WSW to ENE by 425m transversely, enclosing 19.8ha (49 acres). Camp III reduces the WSW to ENE dimension to 355m, with the area enclosed 14.8ha (36.6 acres). A plantation bisects the camps from north-west to south-east, and parts of the NNW side and south corner are also under trees. St Joseph placed trenches on the NNW side to determine its course through the plantation. These trenches recorded that the ditch averaged 2.7m in width and 0.76m in depth (Pitts and St Joseph 1985: 225, fig 69). Trenches determined the locations of entrance gaps in the NNW and SSE sides; an entrance gap is clearly visible close to the centre of the ENE side, and gaps are visible close to the centres of the WSW sides of both camps II and III. Further trenches were excavated on the ENE and the WSW sides.

Sites near Inchtuthil Temporary Camp III