The remains of a Roman fort or its annexe have been identified on the east bank of the River Avon, near the site of Inveravon Tower. The site was thought for many years to have been the site of the third garrison station of the Antonine Wall. No traces of the fort are visible on the ground and its interpretation remains uncertain. Three temporary camps have also been identified to the south of the Antonine Wall in this area, but there are no visible traces on the ground today.

This evidence from Inveravon appears to convincingly indicate the presence of a fort, but it remains unclear if the features uncovered here were located within a fort or, perhaps ,a fort annexe. Based on the excavations that have occurred in the area, and the location of the features that have been uncovered, it is likely that a fort here would have been very small and probably placed here primarily for the purposes of guarding the river crossing. Unfortunately, geophysical survey in 2008 has not been able to clarify the situation of the fort.

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Map References for Inveravon Camps

NGRef: NS9679 OSMap: LR65

Roman Roads near Inveravon Camps

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Sites near Inveravon Roman Fort