Kirkpatrick-Fleming Temporary camps

Marching or Temporary Camp

Kirkpatrick-Fleming Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NY280703
Dimensions: c.2,000 x 1,375 ft (c.610 x 420 m)
Area: c.63¼ acres (c.25½ ha)
Description: First suspected in 1951 and confirmed in 1958, this legionary-sized camp is the largest known in the immediate area, and may be counted amongst the largest in Scotland. The NE ditch, examined in 1993, was V-shaped and measured about 6½ ft. wide by 2½ deep (2 x 0.75 m).

Kirkpatrick-Fleming Camp 2

OS National Grid Reference: NY278702
Dimensions: 900 x 675 ft (274 x 206 m)
Area: 14 acres (c.5.6 ha)
Description: Lying wholly within the western part of the larger Camp #1 and on a different alignment, almost the entire defensive circuit of this camp was discovered on aerial photographs taken in 1960.

References for Kirkpatrick-fleming Camps

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Roman Roads near Kirkpatrick-fleming Camps

Probable road: WNW (4) to Blatobvlgivm (Dumfries & Galloway) Probable Road: SE (14) to Carlisle (Luguvalium) Roman Fort (Carlisle, Cumbria)

Sites near Kirkpatrick-Fleming Temporary camps